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TSF Winter Indoor 7 v 7 Youth Tournament Rules/Regulations

  • Field Size: 120' x 105'
  • Number of Players 7 vs 7 (6 + goalie)
  • Minimum 3 games of 28 minutes (*top two teams play Championship Game)
    • 4 teams per tournament (will run with a minimum of 3 teams (game times will be adjusted with 3 teams but all teams will receive same amount of playing time as a 4 team tournament.)
    • Trophies awarded to Champions only.
  • Standings: Win = 3 points, Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 points,
    • Tie Breakers:
      1. Head to head (does not apply to 3 way ties)Goal Differential (up to a maximum of 6 goals per game) Least Goals allowedCoin Toss
        * If a game ends in a tie in playoff or championship matches, the winner will
        be determined by suddendeath penalty kicks.
      2. Situations or occurrences that these rules do not address, shall be left up to the sole discretion of The Sports Factory management.
        *The Sports Factory reserves the right to change or modify rules and formats at any time.
  • No offsides
  • No slide tackling
  • Unlimited substitutions
  • No added injury team, all games are running clock.
  • If the ball hits the ceiling or the lights, an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team.
  • The goalkeeper may not touch the ball with his/her hands on a pass back. An indirect free-kick will be awarded to the opposing team from where the goalkeeper touches the ball.
  • Throw-ins
  • All free-kicks are indirect, defender(s) must be 10 feet from the ball.
  • No punting or dropkicking.
  • The ball must touch the defensive end of the field before going into the offensive end of the field when distributed by the keeper or on a goalk kick. The violation will result in an indirect free-kick from the midfield line where the ball crossed. A goalkeeper is allowed to put the ball on the ground outside his/her penalty area and play the ball across the midfield line.
    Coaches are responsible for their parents on the sidelines.
  • Verbal and/or physical abuse of our referees is not tolerated in any form and can result in expulsion from the game, league and facility.
  • If parents are out of control, they will be asked to leave the facility and the coach will receive a yellow card. A repeated offense will result in a second yellow to the coach, if not assistant coach available then the game will be abandoned and opposing team awarded a default victoy.
    Certified Referees
  • Teams must wear matching colored shirts, shin guards, sneakers or indoor turf shoes.
  • No cleats, please.
  • We reserve the right to change dates and times for any game. If the date is changed, you have the option to cancel for a full refund. There will be no refunds for changes in TIME only.
  • Full payment is needed at time of registration. No refunds will be given unless the tournament is officially canceled by The Sports Factory. A full refund will be issued for officially canceled tournaments.
  • ALL PARTICIPANTS must fill out their information the the Team Waiver/Release form. You will not be permitted on the field without first submitting the waiver/release. Team managers/coaches should wownload the form HERE.
  • We accept US Club or NJYS cards as proof of age. If you do not have a card, please be prepared to provide proof of age. (Passport, copy of Birth Certificate, etc.)
  • We accept US Club or NJYS rosters. You can download our roster form HERE if necessary.


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