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Finishing 101

Ages 9-14

Goals. They are the very essence of this game we all know and love.

Whether itís the twenty-five-yard screamer from outside the box that has the crowd on its feet, the delicate chip of the advancing goalkeeper, or the close-range reaction finish in a busy penalty area, they all have one thing in common; they take a lot of practice to master.

Here at The Sports Factory, we have devised a class to help every young, attacking minded player improve in the goal scoring process. From putting the ball in the back of the net themselves to the creative build up play to unlock defenses, we have the answer.

We donít have a secret formula or a magic wand that will make this happen overnight. This will take time, effort and dedication.

Our Goal

We aim to put players in realistic scenarios to equip them with not only the technique, but also the confidence to take their chances. Each week we will analyze, break down and recreate goals from the highest level in our class.

Scoring goals isnít just about shooting. Itís body shape, timing of runs, instinct, aggression, decision making.

In situations in front of goal, young players often shy away, looking for someone else to take the initiative and finish. This class aims to build confidence through repetitive technical exercises, while encouraging players to learn from their missed chances.

Video Analysis

Techniques such as volleying, crossing and striking will be broken down on the field, as well as being analyzed through video footage afterwards. Players will be encouraged to self-evaluate their technique during sessions, as well as at home.

All sessions will conclude with a 30 minute classroom session. This allows players to see their own technique as well as evaluating their peers. We aim to create a community feel that will put players at ease when discussing their own learning process.

Video will be shared with parents to allow you the chance to see your childís development as well as giving you an insight into the areas we feel need focus. We donít want the learning to stop at 9:30 and fully encourage video footage from your games to help us develop a program to work around you.